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Reiki Therapy & Energy Healing 

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Reiki Treatment

Reiki means "universal life energy." It's an ancient healing method that manipulates energy flow in the body. As Reiki practitioners, we believe there is an energy force in and around the body. It has been scientifically proven that there is a flow of energy between the reiki practitioner and the receiver of the treatment. Reiki releases energy flows and allows the body's own natural healing ability to work. 

Reiki focuses on seven main energy centers, called chakras, in your body. The energy should flow freely through your chakras in order for you to be spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy. We believe that if energy paths are blocked, you may feel ill or weak or have pain.

Sacred Resonance Healing entails working with channeled energy to target the cellular and DNA levels.

During the ceremony, Jaime channels ancestral and celestial energy. As a conduit, Jaime transmits high-dimensional frequency through the chakras and organs, aiming to release stagnant energy and trauma, which in turn unlocks remembrance and brings the individual closer to self.

Jaime has tapped into her innate gift of channeling Light Language, her Ancient language. During ceremonies, she also transmits vibrational frequencies through the chakras and communicates with Light Language to cleanse the organs and recalibrate the vessel as a whole.

Many of Jaime's clients have expressed a deep understanding of the language on a profound spiritual level, often leading to a sense of remembrance.

The individuals who have put their trust in Jaime and experienced positive life changes have commonly dealt with issues such as addiction, anxiety, depression, dark entity attachment, loss of self-connection, brain fog, physical and emotional trauma, spiritual attacks, and dark magic.


Common symptoms during a Sacred Resonance Healing Ceremony

  • Strong radiating feeling of energy ​

  • Intense emotional release

  • Body movements 

  • Spiritual purge 

  • A strong connection to ancestors 

  • Remembrance of past lives 

  • Feeling a strong connection to self 

Common Symptoms after a Sacred Resonancy Healing Ceremony 

  • Spiritual detox can include; headaches, exhaustion intense emotions 

  • Feeling present 

  • Feeling more confident 

  • Feeling more connected to others and self 

  • Connected to Pachamama and ancestors 

  • Connected more to personal goals


Jaime will schedule a pre-integration and post-integration call with you.

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Shamanic healing is an ancient practice that’s existed for at least 100,000 years and is considered the most ancient and spiritual healing practice known to man. Shamanic healing techniques stem from a way of life known as Shamanism. It is the art of connecting the spiritual and non-spiritual worlds to foster healing and growth, and guidance. 

Considered the “first doctors and psychotherapists,” these individuals regularly conducted shamanic services for people in their communities. The word “shaman” comes from the Siberian Tungus tribe and translates to “one who knows.”

Shamans act as mediums by receiving instructions from spirit guides as to how to heal physical, emotional, and mental conditions as well as guidance and answers to various questions and concerns. The foundational practice to receive this direct revelation from spirit guides is the shamanic journey, a type of trance where the shaman sends his/her consciousness (or soul) into non-ordinary reality (NOR) to meet with his/her spirit allies. Unlike dreams where your soul can unconsciously travel out of the body into other realms, the Shaman intentionally leaves his/her body to go on the shamanic journey.

A shamanic healer will travel to one of three worlds in non-ordinary reality on their journey (lower, middle, and upper world) in order to retrieve the wisdom for guidance and healing methods they need to perform their healing ceremonies. 

Indigenous communities have been using various sacred herbs to clear negative energy for thousands of years.

Smudging has been shown to cleanse negative energy from our personal spaces, detach negative energies from our bodies and  promote well- being to our physical, mental and emotional state.

Being multi- dimensional beings, we can feel when heavy, negative energy takes a hold of us. Cleansing rituals can promote a more balanced, healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones. 

Always remembering protection is key. 

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As we navigate through life we tend we take on stress, pain and anxiety. We are so focused on the hustle and bustle of reality, that somewhere in between we forget that our children are yearning to be heard, to be understood, to feel safe with expression and releasing. 

Reiki is a safe non-invasive treatment for children dealing with anxiety, ADD/ADHD, emotional issues, feeling disconnected, peer pressure and defiance.

We offer guidance to your children, teaching them every day healing modalities that will aide in their personal growth.

We will work with your child, focusing on:

  • Guided meditation

  • Breath work 

  • Stress relief

  • Energetic releases

  • Self-expression

  • Connected with self

  • Holistic healing modalities

  • Reiki Therapy

Aligning the chakras for premies helps to reduce stress associated with pain and the constant respirators, IV's and other medical stress. Improving their ability to cope with their new environmental space.

Reiki  may also help babies with weight gain, teething, colic, overall calmness, less fussy, happiness, more rest. 

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Breath work refers to any type of breathing exercise or technique. It is performed to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. During breath work, you intentionally change your breathing pattern. There are many forms of breath work therapy that involve breathing in a conscious and systematic way. We often practice Conscious Connected Breathing, an active two part inhale into the lower abdomen and chest followed by a passive exhale through the mouth.. Conscious Connected Breathing is  a powerful safe way to infuse the body of oxygen and energy, recharging our own systems to work to their healing capacity.


As Spiritual beings living through this human experience we naturally take on a lot of energy, energy that does not belong to us, in return this may cause anxiety, depression, physical pain, emotional stress and blocks that limit our connection to our highest self and our inner wisdom. 
We will use ancient methods, rituals to release all stagnant energy from the body and spirit. Commonly we see a spiritual purge from the participants, we also hear the participant feels lighter, more at peace and over a short time more connected to source. This is a very powerful healing modality. 

La Luna SoL's

Sacred Healing Space

Building community as we collectively heal 

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Who Are We?

We are Jaime & Jessica...

Before all else, we are partners in life, connected souls who were put together to raise our children, and challenge each other to grow as individuals and as a couple. As our relationship deepened through the various chapters that every marriage experiences, we realized that now that our kids are so much more independent, our purpose has naturally shifted and we are being guided to nurture others. La Luna Sol was born of our natural abilities coming together to compliment each other and serve you! We are so touched and honored to guide you. 

Meet Jessica

Our Usui Ryoho Reiki Practitioner & Holistic Wellness Coach

I'm a certified Usui Ryoko Crystal Alignment Practitioner & a Holistic Wellness Coach. I have a passion and gift for sparking your emotional and spiritual evolution. I do this by looking at the whole person, all the pieces of you working together, starting from the inside, out. 

My father owned a healing center in Sedona AZ. As a result, I grew up being able to confidently express my spiritual curiosities, judgment-free. As young as I can remember, I intuitively felt the connection to The Greater Source. In my childhood, healing with crystals was as common as riding bikes and Saturday morning cartoons, so it always felt natural for me. I loved receiving healing energy with our crystals. I relished in the calm power I felt as my father moved his hands through the air above me.


Crystal Alignment With Reiki


Crystals amplify the healing Reiki energy and can be placed directly on the body, in a complete grid around the body, or a few may be placed in the aura around your body. A combination of all the above may be used depending on the intention of the session. I will use ancient techniques used to align you with the earth’s energy, your higher spirit, spirit guides, and animal totems for transformative healing work. I feel, see or hear blocks or negative energy which may limit you from living a full healthy life. I will than use alchemy techniques that can drive out or gently remove these blocks. I may use drumming, crystals, my breath, or I may call on spirit guides to help me. I will then fill the empty space with healing energy, such as light, color, or sound. Crystal alignment with reiki is a practice of channeling energy, laying on hands, or simply working in your aura or energy field to facilitate healing. When we put these two practices together with the crystals we amplify the healing power of each, allowing deeper healing at all levels of mind, body, and spirit.

This spiritual seed my father planted in my young mind has grown and taken root through the stages of life and I've honed my skills, readying me to be your guide. I am honored to walk this path with you! 
Love and light 💫🙏🏻 

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Meet Jaime

Our Usui Ryoho Shamanic Reiki Practitioner/  Light Language Channeler, Sacred Resonance Healer& Medicine Woman

Jaime is a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Medicine Woman, Sacred Resonance Healer, and Co-Founder of La Luna SoL Healing Space, located in Pottsgrove Pennsylvania.

Through divine spirit, Jaime channels her innate connection to Light Language. Transformational results have come to the people who have placed their trust in Jaime as she humbly offers herself as a vessel, traveling through the ultraviolet realms of divinity.

Her calling is to guide others on their spiritual journey and to assist in divine healing. Her passion is to touch the hearts of those she encounters and to teach them how to consciously create their life through the understanding that every thought, word, and action will shift their energy fields and create their destiny.

Jaime is a passionate advocate for sacred plant medicine. Her vision and passion is to consciously learn from the intelligence of divine, sacred plants.

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"Each and every being has an innate ability to heal, as a gift from the gods."


-Mikao Usui

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